Road trip in the North of Japan – Aomori prefecture – Visiting Hirosaki and Starbucks

Let’ begin the day with some healthy japanese food.  (Vegetables, see weed, rice, fish… are the perfect meal here.)

Find this vegetarian restaurant in Aomori  HERE

vege cafe chamama

vege cafe chamama

Price was 1480 Yen, almost 10 euro.  So cheap and so good ❤

We took train on the afternoon to go again to Hirosaki and from Hirosaki station to Hirosaki Park we took Bus for only 100 yen. The Sakura was almost gone.

Nous sommes retourné à Hirosaki par le train, puis par le bus pour aller vers le parc d’Hirosaki. Les sakura avait presque tous disparu.

bus in japan

Sakura Blossom was already gone, they disappear so fast…

During Edo period, Hirosaki was the political and cultural capital on the Tsuragu Region, The city remain us Western country. 

Hirosaki city Library

This Building is the former Hirosaki city Library. You can enter in it for free.  She was build in commemoration victory between japanese and russia war in 1906. 

Funny things about this place : all the book are in english.

Hirosaki city Library

It look like a american christian old school. Hard to believe that we are still in Japan sometime, their history are so complex.

Hirosaki city Library

Western building mean also western Starbucks! 

This Starbucks coffee building was built in 1918 inside a tangible cultural property. This is actually the second one like this in Japan. This building was first, the house of a japanese military commander. It was transformed in Starbucks in April 2015.

Hirosaki Starbucks

That’s all for today. We bought some present and we took the Shinkansen back to Tokyo for almost 27000 yen, around 250 euro.  ( see how cheap in night bus)

Next Post will be near the sea, a place in the south who can remain you Hawaii ❤ 


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