This is one of the most Asked question.
WANNA GO ON TRIP IN JAPAN And don’t know how much it cost?
Let me help you a bit


Flying ticket is the most expensive cost when you travel. 
The advice I will give you is to take your flying ticket 6 months before going on your trip and to keep an eye after good deal. 

*April is more expensive than the rest of the year because of the cherry Blossom*

In March 2017 I bought my one way ticket at only 300 Euros
And this year on 10 April 2019 I found a 280 Euros ticket for one way too.

So for a round trip the cheapest price it’s around 500 Euros by person. 


Hotel in Japan can be expensive if you don’t search enough for it. 

If you go Japan only for few weeks, I recommend you a Guest house or dorm room.
The price is around 25/30 euros a night.
Or if you go for few months you can find cheap guesthouse for only 300 euro by months

*Going outside big city is cheapest, I booked a huge house in Shizuoka prefecture for three days at 4 peoples for only 200 euros ( divided by 4) *


Transportation in Japan is expensive.

If you have the chance to be tourist only, I recommend you to take the Japan Rail PASS  Trust me, if you plan to move all around Japan THIS IS THE MUST HAVE.

Instead, if you stay in only big city like Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto only buy the Suica or the Pasmo card, that you only have to recharge each time you used all your credit. 

You have to know, be a tourist in Tokyo by exemple will cost around 10 euros for transportation by day by person. 

*Taxi is expensive, don’t take it if you can avoid it. 1h of taxi is around 200€* 


Food is cheap in Japan. 
You can easily eat for 200-350 yen (about 1.50-3 euros).
Starting around 19 p.m every night, supermarkets like LIFE offered bento at -50% and they already are about 300-500 yen .

*They also have some cheap supermarket like Niku no Hanamasa *

By day, count around 10 euros by person with the cheapest meal. 

Wanna eat cheap sushi : go to Genki Sushi
Wanna eat italian : go to Saizeriya


Wanna enjoy Karaoke, Shopping, onsen, museum, Izakaya, attraction park… so you need a little bit of money. 

Karaoke can be expensive but they have cheapest one ( Like this one in Shibuya

Cheap Karaoke price

Museum can be around 500 yen and 1500 yen ( around 4 euros and 13 euros)

Izakaya the cost is around 1500 / 2000 yen by person. Izakaya is a place where the food is really low price but it’s a place of party like english pub  Most inexpensive chain restaurants charge 200 to 600 yen for one meal, and drinks will cost between 250 and 500 yen.

– Clothes, makeup and cosmetics are a bit expensive, but slightly more than in France. Avoid clothes of foreign brands (at the risk of seeing prices multiply by three compared to those in France). At the displayed price, add the 8% tax. (Possibility of refunding the tax if you are tourist) 
*You have a lot of Vintage, second hand shop in Japan. The most famous area in Tokyo is Shimokitazawa and Koenji, where you can also find expensive brand at only 1000 or 2000 yen.* 

For one week in Japan having 150 euros only for entertainment can be good. 

You can see below about Izakaya
For soft drink you can find really low budget coffee shop in Tokyo. A Starbucks will cost 500 yen and a smoothie around 450 yen.  Coffee is around 300 yen

OK let’s count :

For one week budget ( cost for one person) 
500 euros a flying ticket,

  250 euros hôtel,

  70 euros for transportation inside the city,

  400 euros for JR PASS ( if you want to travel around japan),

  Around 150 euros for food and drink,

150 euros for entertainment. 

TOTAL : 1520 euros a week 

japan budget for a week
Without JR PASS

If you stay a month

500 euros a flying ticket 

300/400 euros hotel

280 euros Transportation inside the city 

400 euros the JR PASS ( if you want to travel around Japan) 

Around 600 euros for food and drink 

500 euros for entertainment

 TOTAL : 2600 euros for a Month

japan budget for a month



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